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A Short History of Marriage by Jane Parkinson

Jane Parkinson presents a short history of weddings in this article. From the end of common law marriages in 1753 to the Introduction of civil ceremonies in 1995, Jane’s short history of the marriage is the first of a series of articles she has penned for Confetti & Cake.

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Wedding Fayre Calendar

Visiting a wedding fayre can be a great way of getting inspiration for your wedding and meeting with suppliers.  It is also a great way of checking out the venue without the feeling of being sold to.  
This is a list of the wedding fayres we know of in North Wales and Chester…

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Choosing Your Wedding Favours

Wedding favours are a fun part of your wedding reception, Favours are normally placed on the tables for when guest arrive to be seated. Heres the Confetti & Cake guide to choosing the wedding favours for your big day…

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Weddings on a Shoe String

Weddings can cost an absolute fortune so to avoid starting married life in debt you should take a good look at how much you actually want to spend and set yourself a realistic budget. Heres the Confetti & Cake guide to show you how you can plan magnificent weddings on as little as £2,000, it just takes time and effort, and a bit of imagination.